Handmade Pole Fishing Floats

Due to a rise in material costs, RW Floats have no option but to increase the cost of our float range. From Thursday 4th February individual floats will cost £2.35. Thank you for your understanding.

RW Floats.

Pole fishing floats that are handmade in the UK by Richie Wilson. Each float has been designed for a specific style of fishing and they are produced in house using the highest grade of materials. Andy Bennett was heavily involved in the design of each of these floats alongside Steve Parry. Anglers such as Paul Holland have also had some input in extending the range further.

These floats have accounted for hundreds of match wins and many fishery records. They have become a stable in the Match Fishing circuit and are used by many top match anglers.

Float Patterns


  • Rich Wilson
    This testimonial is for Pole Nose Bungs. As the owner of RW, I do get to go out fishing now and then and wanted to say how fantastic these nose bungs for my pole are. They produced a full set from the number 3 right up to the 11. They are a superb fit, don't come out like others I have had in the past. Additionally, if your sections fall in the water, they will float for a short time to give you a chance to retrieve your section. Top work Pole Nose Bungs, check them out at
  • Paul Holland
    I have used RW Floats almost exclusively for the last 3 years. They have been designed specifically for a certain method and the workmanship that goes into each and every float is unlike anything else on the market in my opinion!
    Paul Holland
    Guru / Blakes Baits
  • Chris Weeder
    The first time I ever saw an RW float I knew I was looking at the future of pole floats. Firstly as a fan and now fortunate enough a sponsored angler, every design and situation covered with the best finish on a float you’ll see. 100% the floats to build your angling around, the hard work in finding the right floats have already been done for us.
    Chris Weeder
    RW / Preston NW
  • Kristian Jones
    I have been using Richies floats since I first saw Andy Bennett fishing with them at partridge probably 7 or 8 years ago and I have used them ever since. They are mega strong and have been designed by some of the very best match anglers in the country. This means the float is made specifically for each style of fishing and are named accordingly so you know exactly what float to use for each situation.
    Kristian Jones
    Blakes Baits / RW / Tri-Cast