A versatile float to cover multiple fishing situations.

A float that was born from partridge lakes but is now one of the most popular floats on commercial fisheries such is its all-round versatility. Available in 3 different bristle sizes.

1.2mm hollow bristles. Is a step up from a winter Maggie’s. Perfect for those good silverfish days or when the f1s are really finicky.

1.5mm hollow bristle. This is the most used pattern for f1s. Perfect for winter and spring/ autumn.

1.7mm hollow bristle. This is a recent member of the family as our sponsored anglers wanted this for summer f1s and carp fishing, brilliant for hard pellets.


  • Slim oval profile
  • .6mm Carbon
  • 4×10 » 4×12 » 4×14 » 4×16
  • 1.2, 1.5 & 1.7 mm hollow
  • Red » Yellow